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Aesthetika Eco Research Pvt Ltd is engaged in development of multicare products under homecare, autocare, agricare, envirocare, nutricare, poultrycare, petcare, energycare, healthcare, etc. All products will be bio-based as well as organic formulations with better efficiencies and performance than all existing harmful chemicals based formulations. The ultimate goal of our organisation is to create bio-based industry which will provide complete eco-friendly and environment friendly solution to all chemical based formulations.

Considering the hygiene and pandemic situation our organisation has developed homecare products such as toilet cleaner, floor cleaner, dish washer, bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, hand soap, glass cleaners and room air freshners. Among the homecare products especially floor cleaner and toilet cleaner are chemical based formulations which gives cleaning effect but the fumes generated from this are not safe to humans. Floor cleaner generally are phenyl based cleaning agents which gives bad smell as well as the toilet cleaner generates irritating acid fumes during toilet cleaning. Chemical based homecare products are keys for environmental pollution as well interfering in our food chain. Considering the health and environment related consequences, Aesthetika Eco Research Pvt Ltd has developed an eco and environment friendly alternatives of organic, bio-based home care/ cleaning solutions.

Thus, the present products are innovative start-up for the benefit of human health as well as environmental safety. Personal and societal hygiene attracted more attendtion during COVID-19 pandemic and our products are indigenous eco-friendly, bio-based effective cleaning solutions.

The present inventions and the way for commercial development is contributing for Atmanirbhar Bharat, Swachh Bharat and Swastha Bharat Missions.


Advancement and commercialisation of pioneering multicare products and their formulations for improved healthcare and environment.


Our vision at Aesthetika Eco Research is to become the World’s leading bio-based company for Homecare, Agricare, Healthcare, Autocare, Petcare, Poultrycare, Energycare, Envirocare

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